Here are some of our expertise

Financial Analysis

We undertake to analyze the financials of our client company to advice on over/under trading, financial position, performance and changes in financial position as well as possible financial crisis.

Financial Reporting

We prepare and present the financials of our client company in line with accepted financial and accounting guidelines, providing timely and useful information for economic decisions and especially to be in compliant with IFRS where relevant.

Also, we prepare and present management accounts and reports to aid our client company management in their planning and decision making.


We train and re-train our client employees to hold forth to established client’s modus operandi, our training covers all aspects of Book keeping, Accounting, Finance, Tax and Management. We agree with the philosophy that ‘’employees are the most important resources of organizations’’, training them to get the best of them will create added goodwill and value to the organization.

Cash Flows

We prepare cash flows for our clients to meet financing institution’s demand for loans and/or overdrafts and to make financial projections for a healthier business growth: This becomes more important where new projects are contemplated.

We plan for the company and advice on savings modalities by direct contact with the banks.

Bank Financing/Facilities

We partner with banks to arrange financing facilities for our client companies in the most economical and rewarding financing negotiations.

Business Plan

Most clients would require business plan either to meet future business project or to bid for a new contract or even to sell the company to investors or to get facility from the banks: we carry out this service with all the professionalism it deserves.

Corporate Rebranding

To be relevant in this 21st century global business village, where cross-border business is taking shape, businesses have had to brand and re- brand their business ideologies by re-packaging their businesses through logo and brand name re-modeling, our corporate consultant in charge of this, is fully equipped to re-strategize our client companies through re-branding philosophies.

This will include re-branding the employees in order to achieve the much desired goal-congruence that the organization needs to grow continuously.

IFRS conversion

One of the reasons for IFRS is to ensure that the global economy prepares financial statements using a common language that can be understood across the border, where relevant to our client, we prepare and present financial statements in line with the provisions of the IFRS.

We initiate and follow up with conversion of accounting records prepared based on local standards to ensure an easy preparation of an all-inclusive financial statement based on the provisions of IFRS

Tax Management and Tax Planning

The end product of all tax related matters to companies is to obtain an unrestricted Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), we work with relevant tax agencies to deliver TCC to our client companies.

We prepare annual reports and carry out tax filings for our clients, we are capable (giving our good relationship with the tax agencies) of obtaining a payment time line for our client’s tax liability (where value is reasonably high and could affect cash flow if payment is made once).

We put in place a tax plan and management for our clients just to be sure they are statutorily doing the right thing. We act as Tax representatives for our client companies that desire the service


We carry out audit of client records and produce audited report on the true and fair financial position of our client company, in doing this, we make faithful presentation based on independence and objectivity.

Internal Control System

We help our clients to install internal control systems (where non-existent) and to improve/re-design an existing one, we believe that company policies and procedures are the rules that could foster sustainable growth for the organization, to ensure that these policies and procedures are followed conscientiously, we design and install sound internal control systems for our clients. Focus is on cost & Asset control

Special Investigations

We carry out special investigations on any loss area of the organization that our client may desire (stock, cash, procurement, sales & capital assets); except for specific terms of reference, our objective under this is to install corrective measures to discourage re-occurrence.

Budgeting and Budgetary Control

We believe that every business no matter how small needs a budget because it strikes a balance between management ambition and the constraints of business. We help our clients to prepare, install and monitor a budgetary system as lack of it means management’s plan to fail.

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